Aberdeen Airport Offshore Parking

Aberdeen Airport Offshore Parking

Aberdeen Airport offshore parking is located near the heliport and the Long Stay Car Park. This allows offshore workers to park their vehicles securely when heading out to offshore work. The Long Stay Car Park is covered by CCTV and regular patrols, so your vehicle remains safe and secure during your travels.

Parking for offshore workers is currently available from £4.00 per day. This is available for any offshore workers flying from any of the four heliports; CHC, Bristows, NHV and Babcock terminals. Offshore workers can park in the Long Stay Car Park at the discounted rate.

To utilise the reduced parking rate for offshore workers, simply enter the Long Stay Car Park when you arrive and park your vehicle. Upon your return, get your ticket validated at any of the following locations

  • The Out of Gauge baggage within the main terminal which is beside check in desk 20;
  • or validated within the CHC and Bristows helicopter terminals.
Aberdeen Airport Offshore Parking

How To Use Aberdeen Airport Offshore Parking

In order to receive the discounted rate for Aberdeen Airport offshore parking, you must:

  1. Drive into the official Aberdeen Airport Long Stay Car Park;
  2. Take a ticket at the barrier;
  3. Park your vehicle;
  4. Take one of the bus transfers to the front of the terminal;
  5. On your return, validate your ticket on production of your Vantage card within the Airport Terminal at the Out Of Gauge baggage area. It can also be validated within the CHC and Bristows helicopter terminals;
  6. Use the freephone located outside the terminal to call the courtesy bus back to the car park;
  7. In the car park, insert your validated ticket into the pay machine and pay the offshore parking rate.

Terms & Conditions: The £4.00 per day applies to a stay of 10 days. All stays up to 10 days are charged at £5.10 per day. All stays in excess of 10 days are £4.80 per day. The special rate applies to Aberdeen International Airport Long Stay parking. The parking ticket must be validated at a validating station prior to returning to your vehicle. Prices are correct as of June 2022 and are subject to change. 

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